13 December, 2007

That's Grouse, not Sexpot

A shot in the daylight

I found out that Wine happily (well, mostly, anyhow) runs a game well known to Germans, called Moorhuhn. And that's not Moorhunn, as I found out by accident. Roughly translated from the German, Moorhuhn is a grouse. So Moorhuhn Jagd is "grouse shooting". Once you see the game, you'll think to yourself - this is simple. And it is. You have ninety seconds to blow away as many grouse as you can, without shooting down balloons, planes, and turtles that may be in the scene. However some other objects can be shot at, and also give you points too. I first came across the game when my mother told me about it. I've stuck it back onto the computer because it's less blood than Quake, and can actually be played by a six year old with no real damage to the psyche. There isn't just the one game either - there are a number of them, based on the same theme, with some slight twists. Moorhuhn 2 and 3 also appear to work under wine, and I got MoorHuhn 3 running on zoombuggy's machine too.

In fact, I decided I liked it enough to actually pay for it. Someone was offering the game for a really cheap price, so I purchased it. Now my only problem with the game is that the copy I paid for (and downloaded from the website) doesn't work in non-nag mode; instead, it pops up an annoying dialog box that happens when you haven't bought the software initially. Instead, and this is an irony, it works for zoombuggy on her machine under wine, with no nag screens. Ah well. Win some, lose some.

Especially in later versions (Moorhuhn 2/3) there are also little tricks you can use to extend either the time you can shoot for, or the number of points you get. And, best of all, it works under Wine too, for a fast enough machine. Go on... you know you want to...

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