31 October, 2005

Only two hours old, and already there's a spot.

So much for thinking that comment spammers would leave me alone. Out, out, damn spot. Anyhow, back to our regularly scheduled transmissions. And no, you can't comment. Go away, spammer. Being on dialup sure doesn't hold a candle to having DSL. As yet, I've not experienced DSL, but I suspect that for the first month, I'd quite likely be just like a kid in a candy shop, and go WAY over my normal account allowance. Thankfully, I haven't got that chance, as yet. And, given that ADSL2 is just around the corner in New Zealand, and already being rolled out in Australia, I suspect that ADSL (version 1) is yet again going to be relegated to the boondocks just like dialup was when ADSL first came along. Free Fibre throughout the country, anyone? Hrm. Thought not. Guess our telecommunications infrastructure has to make their profits some way.