31 October, 2005

This is a test - this is.. Oh, hello.

Ah! So you've arrived already! Mon dieu! Garcon. GARCON! Where's that waiter when I need him to bring me my winelist? Hmpf. Never here when I need him. Ah well. I guess I had better introduce myself. I'm the Viking from down under - a.k.a. New Zealand., and I have a lot of opinions. Sometimes not very well informed ones either. I have several interests aside from computing, but, computing pretty much has it all over the rest of the interests at this time. Sometimes my wife complains she can never get me off the thing, and that she should just brick up this portion and leave a feeding hole (or perhaps not). I seem to have gained some experience in Linux computing, Windows98 and with FreeBSD as well as having dabbled with the Amiga500+. I'm interested (but mainly unknowledgeable) about programming in a number of different arenas, web and scripting coming to mind. I also like to try to understand the current battle between Open Source, Free Software, and commercial companys that want us to buy their product because it's NOT free. I also can be found on IRC, occasionally talking up a storm, or on the Web, where I can be seen discussing points with developers just because I need to understand something better than currently. Other than that, well, I read a lot, or try to. Sometimes I need to get my voice out on photons, so - here I am.

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