05 August, 2010

A little success

Nothing left but air in the middle

A few days ago, I finally completed this little puzzle from Rubik that I'd bought back at Easter-time instead of a chocolate egg—I ended up with chocolate later of course, but I digress. It took me a while, but I finally sat down and worked on it during an afternoon, and while I'm not sure I can repeat the effort, I have succeeded this once, at least. The idea is to guide six little coloured balls into the cups on the outside of the sphere, the trick is, the two inner spheres are weighted, and are on pivots. The spheres also have a limited number of ways that you can get a ball out to the outer sphere due to the placement of the holes in each respective sphere. And you have to make sure that any of the balls you already got out don't fall back into the innards of the sphere.

It's the only Rubik's puzzle aside from the links and Rubik's Magic that I've succeeded with, my memory lets me down for the Cubes. It put me in mind of the fact that we can't all achieve the great things in life, because there simply aren't enough of us with the sort of impetus to achieve those. So, we have to make do with little stuff—the love we give to our partner, the achievement of a puzzle, the correction of somebody else's source code—all these are little things, but for those of us that do them, the fact that they are done at all means something.