06 August, 2011

The Humble Bundle just got bigger!

The Humble Indie Bundle 3

If you haven't made up your mind to buy the original five games, then the creators of the Humble Indie Bundle just made it a lot more compelling. They added some games. And they've even thrown in some time with MineCraft (edit: this may now be over), if I read this image correctly. I went ahead and bought the initial five games on the strength of the Cogs game alone—neat game, by the way—but the other four games in the pack weren't weak either. HammerFight is really really hard. And I haven't got past level three in that.

The extra games

Adding the Braid game seems a bit weird to me, though I guess I'll warm to it. As for Machinarium, I've loved the game since I first saw it in operation. Atom Zombie Smasher is a good old top-down strategy shooter that rather reminds me of Alien Swarm. Cortex Command is an in-progress developing game. Steel Storm is another top-down shooter. Revenge of the Titans is a frenetic arcade mash-up of Real Time Strategy and Tower Defence. And to round out the collection, Osmos puts you into the position of a mote that has to get bigger.

Not only have they made the extra games available for all three platforms, but they've even provided extra content for some of the games as well, such as the Machinima soundtrack. If you loved the demo, then you'll probably love the music too. And there's only five more days to buy them all.