14 December, 2005

From the desktop of The Viking

Yeah, this time I'm posting from my own desktop. Like, how cool is THAT? The only thing I'm missing seems to be formatting, but I'm not too worried about that as this application I'm trying out is for quick-throw notes up onto the blogger (or whatever) site, and not for particularly worrying about whether the words are all formatted in Verdana (my preferred blogging font). The other option would have been to create a post and email it, which blogger.com supports happily. The only problem with that being that I have to go back in and edit the post to change the formatting from mobile post to normal post, then actually POST the darn thing. The second is easily handled by a setting to post straight away, the first - well, I don't yet know. Anyway, this method lets me post to the blog straight away, and worry about the formatting later.

Anyhow, I'm still waiting for my LG GWA-4020 to arrive from Canada. The anticipation is just killing me. I even went out and badgered zoombuggy into letting me buy DVD media in preparation - thankfully I saw some for NZ$9.98 for ten DVD+R and the same cost for ten DVD-RW, which is STILL a ripoff as far as most other countries are concerned, but well, that's New Zealand for ya. They even charge the earth for cellphone calls too! Just in case you want to know (like you're in New Zealand) I got the media at Dick Smith, and they're basically DSE-labelled.

I had a wee bit of an accident with my Apache. I downloaded the Apache packages from Cooker to upgrade my system as I'd decided to upgrade to php-5.1.1. Well, was MY system ever in knots! Couldn't find this file, that symbol was missing from the module file, and as a result, apache wasn't going to start without a bit of a repair job. Made me feel like chucking the whole thing in. Thankfully, I'd decided to grab slightly earlier Apache packages from the updates tree for Mandriva LE2005. I stuck those back in, then had some help fixing the config files so that all my existing vhosts could be seen.I'm still not sure how on earth to make those vhosts visible from outside my network without starting them all on differing ports. At the moment, I have them differentiated by name (gum1, gum2, cisco, etc) but that won't work from outside as my DNS is private to my network, and isn't seen from the Internet. So, noxo (from undernet#linux), thank you.

Right - time for me to go, again.

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