29 December, 2005

Is this a gumboot I see before me?

I finally got the Gumboots (a set of five documentation CDs) installed on their own vhosts in apache - now it's all visible from the Internet at large, when I open the correct port in the firewall. Thanks to wishes and others for pointing me to the correct way to get it all working, though I don't know why it wasn't working properly the first time I tried it all their way. Still, great that it works now.

I still haven't got this blogger working quite properly - the applet doesn't get the Title in the correct place, and there's no way of selecting the correct format for text in a paragraph without going onto the website and modifying it for myself. Still, as I said earlier, it's a good quick program.

I had a good Christmas over all, though I'm still awaiting a secondhand DVD writer.

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