27 December, 2005

I do not LIKE green eggs and ham

Well, actually I don't mind either eggs or ham. Not that I got either for Christmas, though I got some other items of use. The one item I got that disappointed me, even though I thought it would improve things, was a 80-wire IDE cable. Now Windows won't boot (no loss, some would say) and I still haven't got any other speed increase in my hard drives. Surely I ought to get 40-something MB in drive transfers on udma4? But no, it's a slow old 12MB/sec. Never mind.

I'm still working my way through "Crime and punishment", a good old classic story from the Russian author Dostoevsky. It's getting rather intriguing, with the prime character still not having been caught for his crime of murdering two people, but constantly fluctuating between "Do I confess all? This is killing me!" and "I don't really GIVE a shit about the world". Being given lots of money and a new set of clothes only serves to have confused him somewhat so far. I'll let you know once I've read more.

Ever had the post-Christmas blahs? That time directly after Christmas day when nobody's open (in Wellington, anyway) or you don't have any money to spend and you've run out of things to do? Yeah, that's struck here too. Pity, really. I wanted to go see "The fastest Indian".

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